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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sky TV on the Costa Blanca, Spain

What Size Satellite Dish Do I Need to Receive BBC ITV Sky TV on the Costa Blanca?

It is important to ensure that you are using the correct size satellite dish to receive the Sky TV channels you want to watch.

A Sky TV minidish, used in the UK, is pretty much useless for reception on the Costa Blanca. Many Sky TV channels can be received on an 80cm dish, but if you want to watch the main UK television channels, like BBC ITV C4, then a much bigger dish will be required.

Generally to receive the main UK television channels, like BBC ITV C4 , in the Costa Blanca area, either a 1.9m or 2.4m satellite dish is required.

With a 1.9m or 2.4m satellite dish, you should receive BBC1, ITV1. ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 for 24 hours a day.
This does depend on your exact location, and the site for the satellite dish. Trees, houses, walls, mountains can all reduce the satellite signals that the satellite dish should be receiving.

So it is entirely possible that even on a 2.4m satellite dish you may loose some Sky TV / Freesat TV channels, when the signal is weakest.

The majority of the Sky TV subscription package is available 24 hours a day in Spain.

Some channels, particularly the Sky Movies channels, may fade out during the late afternoon. These channels are on the notoriously tricky North beams.

Of course the size of satellite dish is dependent on a few things such as what channels you want to watch, what is your budget, your location, and where to site the dish.

Don't forget the the weather can affect the reception of channels - heavy cloud or rain can weaken the already weak signals - it is not always sunny in Spain. Summer haze around the coast can also weaken the signals.

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