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Friday, April 18, 2014

This weeks UK TV and Satellite TV in Spain News

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UK Satellite TV Installations:
There are 11 subscription free HD TV channels available via satellite, including BBC1HD, BBC2HD, BBC3HD, BBC4HD, ITV1HD and C4HD. Much better image resolution on a HD TV than a TV rebroadcaster or internet IPTV system!

Satellite Dish Installations in my service area (Calpe to Valencia) :

a 100x110cm (1.1m) satellite dish will work for people with limited space. Standard installation of this dish is from 200 euros.

a 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish would provide better reception and is the "recommended" dish for my area. Standard installation of this dish of from 275 euros.

More information on our 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish installations:

Wall of Shame - we have updated our Wall Of Shame's fourth page to show some of the poor installations we have come across and been asked to fix.

Astra 2C : UK TV moves into position for back up purposes - and if some UK TV channels do move on to Astra 2C then there should be no worries about reception in Spain, due it its very generous footprint.  

Live sport on Sky Sports this Easter  

F1 : Chinese Grand Prix: Live on Sky Sports, BeIN SPorts, Antenna 3. Highlights on BBC Sport  

2014 Snooker World Championships - coverage on BBC One and Eurosport

Full 24: Live Another Day Trailer - On Sky One in May!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014 - Live on TV - Live on BBC TV - BBC Coverage

Winter Olympics 2014
6 to 23 February 2014.

The BBC Trailer

BBC will be providing around 200 hours of live coverage on TV.

BBC Olympic Coverage - BBC reception in Spain - Astra - Astra 2E - Astra 2F - New Satellite Spain

Winter Olympics on Satellite TV:
Winter Olympics on BBC TV - Coverage Details
Winter Olympics - Events Schedule

Monday, December 9, 2013

New BBC HD channels to launch - frequencies and channel number details

On Tuesday 10th December the BBC will be launching 5 new HD channels on Freesat HD and Sky HD.

These channels are:
BBC Three HD

These new BBC HD channels will be added to the Freesat and Sky channel listings soon. Their channel numbers can be found at :

USers with other HD satellite receivers will have to scan the relevant frequencies to add these new BBC HD channels to their channel lists :

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sky TV outage on on 28th November 2013

Sky has advised all broadcasters of planned maintenance on 28th Nov, between 0100 and 0300, which will result in a "brief outage of between 10-20 seconds"

What does this mean...?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A list of the channels and frequencies affected by the recent "satellite shuffle" between Eutelsat 28A and Astra.

A list of the channels and frequencies affected by the recent "satellite shuffle" between Eutelsat 28A and Astra.

Below is a list of the channels and frequencies affected by the recent "satellite shuffle" between Eutelsat 28A and Astra.

Note that for some people in some areas of Spain, channels on the Astra 2F UK beam may be unavailable, as your satellite dish may be too small to receive these frequencies.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can receive Channel Five, then you should be able to receive those other channels on Astra 2Fs UK beam.

If you are struggling to receive those channels on the Astra 2F UK beam, then it may be possible to search for the channels on their "Final" frequencies, as some of the channels are actually operating on their final frequencies.

On a Sky box, you simply go to the "Add Channels" menu option, and then add the channels to your Sky boxes "Other Channels" list, accessed via the Services Menu.

Hopefully by the 10th October, all channels will be on their final frequencies, and the Sky Guide and the Freesat Guide channel lists are all correctly "mapped" to the new frequencies.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sky TV: How to programming your Sky remote to control your TV

Sky TV: How to programming your Sky remote to control your TV

Your Sky remote makes use of a special four-digit "code" to operate both your Sky box and your TV, meaning you can use just one remote to handle all Sky functions, to change the TV volume and to turn your TV on and off.

You'll need your four-digit remote control code when:
  • You set up Sky TV by yourself, without the help of an engineer.
  • You change your TV set or Sky remote.
  • Your Sky remote has been without battery power for more than ten minutes.

Look up your code online

To use the online lookup tool, you'll need to know the following three things:
  1. The version of your Sky remote: Remove your Sky remote's battery cover. Depending on the age of the remote, the details will be printed either on the removable cover or inside the battery compartment. Older Sky remotes may not display a version number, but you can work out the version number if you know the date you bought yours (a).
  2. The make of your TV: The brand name, e.g. Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung.
  3. The model of your TV: Usually a string of letters and numbers printed on your TV and in your owner's manual.
(a) These dates show when each type of remote was introduced: * Version 4: May 2001 (Sky+ introduced) * Version 6: March 2004 * Version 8: January 2006 * Version 9: July 2011 Tip: As long as your TV's make is recognised, you can leave the model field blank and select Get My Code to display a list of generic remote control codes for your make of TV. Once you have this information, look up your code online (opens in new window).

I've got my remote control code. What next?

Once you've got your remote control code, follow these steps to use it:
  1. Cover the front of your Sky remote, or point the remote away from the TV.
  2. Press the tv button.
  3. Point your Sky remote at the TV.
  4. Hold down the select and red buttons together for a few seconds.
After a few seconds of holding down the buttons, the light at the top of your Sky remote should flash twice.
  1. Enter your four-digit remote control code.
As you press each number button, the light at the top of your Sky remote will flash once. As soon as the fourth digit is entered, the light should flash twice more.
  1. Press the select button.
  2. Cover the front of your Sky remote again, or point the remote away from the TV.
  3. Press the sky button.
  4. Point your Sky remote at the TV again.
Your Sky remote should now be able to operate normal Sky functions and TV functions. For example, try pressing the vol +/- buttons on the Sky remote to check whether the TV's volume changes.

What TV functions can I access through my Sky remote?

Once your Sky remote has been set up to operate your TV, you should be able to:
  • Change the volume: Press the vol +/- buttons.
  • Turn the TV on and off (standby): Press the tv button and then the power button to turn the TV on or off (standby). After turning on the TV, press the sky button to regain control of the usual Sky functions.
  • Switch input mode: Press the tv button and then repeatedly press the help button to cycle through available inputs on your TV, e.g. to switch to using a games console or DVD player. Keep pressing the help button to return to the input that displays Sky TV (usually "HDMI 1"), and then press the sky button to regain control of the usual Sky functions.
Not all TVs will support all of these functions through the Sky remote. If you get stuck, use your TV's own remote control to select the input where you watch Sky (usually "HDMI 1"), and then press the sky button on your Sky remote to regain control of the usual Sky functions.   More information: